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Accent  Reduction Program

Accent Reduction Training

Offered Online and In Person


Vice Versa is committed to providing effective coaching and instruction for improving English pronunciation to motivated people who speak English as their second language and want to be understood in their workplace and community. A systematic and data-driven approach is used to guide and support clients towards clearer speech to increase collaboration and business relationships with other professionals, customers, clients or patients. The goal is not to eliminate the accent but teach the American English pronunciation patterns for successful and fluid communication.

Teenagers who speak a language other than English have been evaluated by speech-language pathologists due to parent's or teenager's concern about their English pronunciation. Because these speech "errors" are not considered to be a speech disorder but a language difference or accent, speech services are denied. At Vice Versa, we provide accent modification services to help improve your English pronunciation in order to communicate clearly. 

**It is important to note that accent reduction training is not speech therapy.

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Whether you require English for business opportunities, travel, or just for conversation with friends, we can provide you with the skills necessary to build your confidence. At Vice Versa you will receive one-to-one intensive training that will be tailored to your needs. 

We can help identify your pronunciation needs and set up an evaluation in order to customize a program just for you.

We teach English pronunciation patterns using the Rupp Method which was developed by a licensed speech-language pathologist, Jane Rupp. Because this program focuses on each person's accent training journey, this program is not arranged in sequential order but thematically. This allows us the flexibility to develop a gold standard program that guarantees results.  

 Key Features

  • In-depth speech assessment of your English pronunciation in words, sentences, and conversational speech

  • Analysis of your English production of vowels and consonants including rhythm, linking, stress in words/phrases, and intonation/pitch in sentences will be discussed

  • Learn tongue and lip movements, airflow and voicing to achieve correct placement of English speech sounds

  • Receive expert guidance and essential feedback in each session as well as assignments for practice

  • A comprehensive instruction guide, practice materials and audio files will be provided

  • Guaranteed Results

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