In light of Governor Abbott’s announcement rescinding the state mask mandate, Vice Versa has decided to continue our Covid policies/protocols that we currently have in place. 

Masks will be required when entering the facility. Social distancing protocols will remain in place. Staff cleaning/sanitizing between rotations will continue. 

We feel that maintaining the policies we have in place will hopefully ensure the safety of our children and adults that enter the clinic.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and we will update everyone with any changes as they occur.

The following are the enhanced precautions that we have implemented based on various agency guidelines and CDC recommendations:


  • Only one family at a time is allowed in the waiting room.

  • We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes earlier than appointment time to allow therapist to sanitize the waiting room and  items used during previous session. 

  • One parent or caregiver is permitted in the evaluation and/or treatment session.

  • No siblings are permitted in the session.​

  • Teletherapy visits are available. Families may switch between in-office and teletherapy visits by making arrangements.

  • Therapists will wear a mask and/or face shield while with a client. 

  • If your child tolerates wearing a mask and it does not make them touch their face more than normal, please have them wear one. 

  • If your child cannot or will not tolerate a mask, they do not need to wear one. 

  • Any adult who will be the single caregiver participating in the initial evaluation and/or treatment session, will be required to wear a mask and/or face covering in the clinic.

  • All clients and therapists will wash hands or sanitize hands prior to the start of session. Hand sanitizers are provided in every room.

  • Families are scheduled 10 minutes apart to permit time for disinfecting and sanitizing and reduce the number of contact. 

  • Touched surfaces and toys are disinfected in between treatment sessions. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, and handles.