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Feeding Therapy

A feeding disorder is defined as any difficulty eating or drinking that raises worries about a child's safety or growth. Feeding issues can range from mild to severe.


  • Swallowing causes coughing, choking, or gagging.

  • Chewing Difficulties

  • Refusing various food textures

  • Picky eaters

  • Transitioning from g-tube to oral feeding can be difficult.

  • Breast or bottle feeding difficulties

  • Feeding problems as a result of reflux


If your child is scheduled for a feeding evaluation, it is critical that you complete the questionnaire that is sent to you via email and your child arrives prepared to eat. We recommend that they fast for 2-3 hours before their appointment time so that they are hungry. We want to see your child's mealtime routine, so please bring at least one food item that they enjoy and one food item that they find difficult. If they have any special cups or utensils that they use at home, please bring them with them.

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