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IMSE Reading Program

IMSE Orton-Gillingham Reading Program

The IMSE Story | Orton-Gillingham in Every Classroom | Multi-Sensory Literacy

Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) is nationally accredited. IMSE is accredited through the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) as an Accredited Program.

Orton-Gillingham is a highly structured program that breaks down reading and spelling into smaller parts involving letters and sounds, and then building on these skills over time. It uses multi-sensory teaching strategies to teach reading, which has been proven to be extremely effective for teaching students with dyslexia. This means that sight, hearing, touch, and movement is used to help students connect and learn the concepts being taught.

A multi-sensory approach makes reading easier for all children, not only those with dyslexia. This training is recommended for K-3 reading proficiency for general education, special education, remediation, and English Language Learners. Yes, this program can be use for those who beyond grade 3, but their reading level is at the K-3 proficiency level.

To participate in the IMSE Orton-Gillingham reading program, each reader needs to be evaluated to determine current reading proficiency level so that we can create an individualized lesson plan that targets their weaknesses .

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Kid drawing

Each lesson plan focuses on the following areas based on the reader's proficiency level, but not limited to:

  • Three-part drill: Visual, Auditory/Kinesthetic, and Blending including vowel intensive if needed

  •  Learning new concepts using multi-sensory experience, application/dictation of new concepts (i.e., reading and writing words/sentences)

  • Reading sight words

  • Learning and understanding vocabulary words

  • Syllable division

  • Comprehension

  • Fluency

What To Expect From The Program.

An initial assessment will be conducted in order to determine the client's reading level. There are 3 levels from beginning reader to someone who is more advanced but addresses the client's area of weakness following the IMSE’s scope and sequence. The format of the books are aligned with IMSE’s Level Assessments. The work is intensive and requires practice every single day in order for it to be effective.


(Initial, Midterm, and Final) Scope and Sequence:

  • Initial (single consonants; common consonant digraphs; short and long vowels: closed and open syllables)

  • Midterm (compound words; -SS, -ll,-ff,-zz; initial and final blends)

  • Final (-ng and -nk endings; suffix -ed; magic e; ph; -ck; vowel teams: ea, oa, ai)


(Initial, Midterm, and Final) Scope and Sequence:

  • Initial (ng and nk endings, suffix ed, magic e, ph, ck, ea, oa, ai)

  • Midterm (ee, ay, oe, er, ir, ur)


  • Final (ow, ou, igh, Consonant le)


(Initial, Midterm, and Final) Scope and Sequence:

  • Initial (ow, ou, igh, Consonant-le)

  • Midterm (ind, ild, ar, or, oo, y as a vowel, soft c, soft g, -dge, tch, aw au oi, oy)

  • Final (ew/grew, eigh/ei, ie, tion, sion, ow, ea, oo)

**Each level includes the following materials: Worksheets, Spelling Practice and Assessment Book, Reading Practice Book, IMSE Decodable Reading Books

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